Kedi Decals 48-007: A-10A Warthog

Unit: 118 FS, Connecticut ANG


$9.00 including shipping in US


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ALPS printed decals: also available in 1/72 and 1/32 scales

This new sheet from Kedi Decals is for the A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft of the 118 FS, Connecticut ANG. The sheet is most complete with markings for six specific aircraft and additional markings to allow you to do any other aircraft from this unit. The sheet includes mission markings, a variety of badges, and the latest new fin flash in addition to the older version. A comprehensive set of instructions accompanies this superb sheet so that you'll be able to accurately mark your next A-10. In addition, a listing of available weapons is provided for you to be able to show your model with a plausible war load.

Kedi Decals are printed on an ALPS printer so require a bit of extra care when applying. However, the level of detail is such that you'll be glad that you decided to use these markings on your next model.

This sheet courtesy of Kedi Decals. Thanks for your support

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