Kedi Decals KDN 48/72-004: A-1E Skyraider

Unit: 1st Air Commando Squadron


$5.00 including shipping in US


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ALPS printed decals

This particular sheet is for an A-1E Skyraider and includes markings for two aircraft, including the aircraft that Major Bernard Fisher flew on March 10, 1966 during the mission which earned him the Medal of Honor. This historic aircraft is currently in the USAF Museum in Ohio, and has not been covered by a decal sheet before. For more information on Maj. Fisher and his Medal of Honor mission, please visit this Web site.

The decals are superbly printed and since they are ALPS produced, a bit of care will need to be taken when using them to prevent damage. Kits are available though they are a bit long on the tooth. In 1/72 is the fine Monogram A-1E, while in 1/48, Matchbox produced one which I think has been reissued by Revell of Germany, who owns all the Matchbox molds.

Painting couldn't be easier as they are in the USN colors of Light Gull Grey over White. As with many Kedi Decals, the common markings will have to come from the kit sheet, but this shouldn't be a problem. Both scales of decal sheets are shown.

This sheet courtesy of Kedi Decals. Thanks for your support

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