PT Decal PT4802: French Air Force

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Scott Van Aken

For their second sheet on French AF subjects PT Decal has a number of excellent choices. There are nine markings options on this sheet and it starts with an NC 900 (a French built FW-190A. Now I'm not sure just what version this is, but judging from the upper cowling it is an A-5/6/7 version. It is painted in overall RLM 70 or 71. This aircraft and others was based at Toussus-le-Nole in 1946.

Next is a Dewoitine D.520. That which it pictured is from Group Dorset Tarbes-Ossun in August 1944. In addition to the invasion stripes, this one is painted in Luftwaffe colors of RLM 74/75/76. There are three other D.520s from 1940 in the standard camouflage scheme for these planes. Of course, no two were identical, but the colors were the same. With the large white S is Capitaine Bernache-Assoulant's CG III/6 aircraft from 15 June 1940. From 25 June is Sergent Robert Killy's GC II/3 aircraft with a large red 30 on the fuselage. The third 1940 plane is from Esc 1AC Oran-La Senia in late 1940. This Vichy marked plane has a large white stripe on the side and a white surround to the fuselage insignia. The final D.520 is from the summer of 1945 as flown by Capitane Justin Gisclon. It has a large red G on the fin.

The MS.500 (Fi-156) was based in Indochina during late 1949. It is in overall RLM 70 or 71.

The Tiger Moth is in Vichy markings and was pased  in Tong Indochina during 1941.

Finally, a Ki-43 IIIa from GC 1/7 at Phnom Penh in Cambodia during late 1945. This one is in overall metal and what little camouflage is there is very faded.

Overall, the markings are superbly printed and the sheet comes with an outstanding full color markings and camouflage guide that offers both sides and an upper scheme for those having multi-color camouflage schemes. In addition, the instructions provide information on extant kits that can be used for each scheme.

If you want something that is both interesting and colorful, these markings are for you.

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June 2010

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