PT Decal PT3201: Ju-88 and Spitfire

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first 1/32 sheet from PT Decal and like others from this maker, it will be dedicated to French aircraft. They have made a wise choice in picking the Ju-88 and the Spitfire for their initial 1/32 sheet as we have some great kits to meet the needs. For the Ju-88, there is the Revell kit and whatever bits are needed to do an A-4 variant. For Spitfires, Hasegawa does a Mk V and the Mk. IX can be done using the Pacific Coast or the Tamiya kit, depending on the size of your wallet.

Let's start with the Ju-88s. There are four markings options for these planes. All of them have RLM 70/71 upper surfaces and this is where things change a bit. Two them have  high fuselage undersurface RLM 65 marking lines. These are both heaviy mottled. The #5 plane has invasion stripes on it as operated in 1944. The outer upper wing panels are overpainted in grey on this one while the other from GB 1/31 is more like a standard aircraft, just with French insignia.

A 1946 era plane is even more standard Luftwaffe with the tail swastika peeking through a very light overspray. Finally, another GB 1/31 plane has a black underside.

Now on to Spitfires. The sheet covers three of them. There is a lone Spit V with GCB 2/18 in May of 1945. This one is in standard RAF camouflage, as are the other two on the sheet. The yellow tailed one with all the mission markings is from GR 2/33 based at Stuttgart in May of 1945. This aircraft has clipped wings with large yellow bands on the wings. The other is from GC 1/3, also based at Stuttgart in mid 1945. No indication of what sort of wings this one has, but they look to be standard.

The decals themselves are superbly printed with no registration glitches. Instructions are well done and in full color.

Thanks to  for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop.

March 2010

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