Dutch Profile #10: P-40E/N part 1

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Scott Van Aken

This particular set of markings is gleaned from the Dutch Profile book on Dutch P-40 operations, specifically #120 squadron that was flying these in the last years of the Pacific War. The sheet is rather unique in that it contains markings in all three scales. Naturally, the size of the sheet limits the number of aircraft that can be done in 1/32.

There are a possible 18 aircraft options. All of the planes are in Olive Drab over Neutral Grey with Dutch markings on the fuselage as well as upper left and both lower wings. One of the P-40s is in a bare metal finish with a few bits in OD. Also included on the sheet are markings for a Lockheed L-12 Electra, an aircraft used as a hack. It is in OD over silver.

The decals are well printed and clearly marked as to which scale they are. There are enough insignia to build one of each scale. Data markings will have to come from the kit, but since these planes were apparently repainted prior to delivery to the Dutch, it may be that those were painted over.

The instructions are well printed showing any unique markings and appropriate flight spinner colors where required. In all, an excellent sheet and while not ultra-colorful, will provide for some most interesting models.

Thanks to www.dutchprofile.nl  for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop.

June 2010

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