Dutch Decal DDS 2074: P-40N part 2, 1946-50

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Scott Van Aken

Typically, Dutch Decal will release a decal sheet to go along with a Dutch Profile book and so they have for their second volume on the P-40N Warhawk.

As you may know, the P-40N was used in the Netherlands East Indies; first against the Japanese and later in the rising insurgency by Indonesian Nationalists. It was used for combat missions into early 1949 when they were finally withdrawn for training and later scrapped.

This sheet covers all three scales; 172, 1/48 and 1/32. There are both the early flag and later roundel insignia enough for one aircraft each. Unit badges are provided where appropriate and there are a selection of ready to go small serial numbers. Some of the serials were mistakenly printed on a grey instead of silver background and an addendum has been added to correct that. There are enough large serials to duplicate pretty much any aircraft that is shown in the book.

The instruction sheet offers 16 markings recommendations that include a short note on each aircraft to help you in making your model. The sheet itself is superbly printed and in complete registration so no worries on that front.

It is a superb sheet for the Warhawk and will allow you to do something a bit different from the norm.

Thanks to www.dutchdecal.nl  for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop. 

December 2010

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