Kits at War DDK3203: RAF Fighters - Mustang and Spitfires

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Scott Van Aken

This next new Kits At War sheet is 1/32 scale and covers a Mustang and three Spitfires. For kits, the Dragon and Pacific Coast versions are the ones recommended. As you'd expect, you need to glean markings from the kit's decal sheet. This is to keep down costs as just printing roundels would require an additional sheet.

The sheet does include a full set of roundels so save for data markings, you can do one of the options with what is available as long as that option uses the late war upper wing roundels. The decals themselves are superbly printed without a hint of mis-registration by The red centers and the white surround to one of the fuselage codes is separate for ease of placement. The checks for the Mustand are also in small bits to make it easier to get things into place.

First up is the often seen 'Dooleybird' Mustang IV from 19 squadron in 1945. The blue sections of the cockpit frame and anti-glare panel will need to be painted by the builder as will the blue and white spinner.

Next is a 73 squadron Spitfire IX based in Malta during 1946. This one has under wing serials and the unit's marking aside the fuselage roundel. Standard RAF mid/late war fighter colors and all Spitfires seem to have the yellow wing leading edge ID markings.

From 43 squadron at Zeltweg, Austria in 1946 is FT*C with the unit codes in red, outlined in white. and a red spinner. This aircraft has the pointed fin tip.

Finally, in a desert scheme from 1942 in Italy, is UM*V of 152 squadron, complete with the red painted spinner, part of the theater ID markings. I doubt if this one had the yellow wing leading edges, even though the instructions show it, but I could be wrong so check references.

So there you have it. Four interesting options for those who like building the big scale stuff.

Thanks to for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop.

February 2009

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