Dutch Decal DD72071: Early Dutch Insignia and Serials

Units: Dutch Navy


12.95 including shipping in Europe


Scott Van Aken

Here is another great multipurpose decal set from our friends at Dutch Decals. As most of you know, the Dutch air arm after WWI was a mixture of aircraft from the UK, France and Germany. The planes were also rarely festooned with special markings of any sort. Pretty much just orange roundels, possibly orange rudders and serials.

However, the serials were not all the same font or size, nor were the rudder markings exactly the same when they were used. This sheet provides a goodly number of insignia and serials along with a few special markings (basically a rooster in both black and white).

The instructions provide a nice number of profiles for inspiration. It includes a Sopwith Pup, a bunch of Fokker D.VIIs, an SE.5A, Bristol F.2B,  and some Nieuport 21/23 aircraft. There is also a DH-9 in the later insignia, which will have to come from another sheet as no later insignia are offered. In addition, there are a ton of photos of other types like a Gotha IV, HP 0/400, Be.2c and a number of others so there are a lot of possibilities for those who have a penchant for aircraft of this type.

In addition to the superbly printed decals, you get the usual large instruction sheet with profiles, photos and information on which kits are recommended for which options. It all makes for an excellent sheet for those looking to do something a bit different from the norm.

Thanks to www.dutchdecal.nl  for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop. This is Dutch Decal's 25th Anniversary so congratulations to Luuk and his gang for providing interesting markings for the last quarter century.

May 2012

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