Dutch Decal DD72068: Various NEI

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Scott Van Aken

This is an interesting sheet covering aircraft that either were operated in the Netherlands East Indies (NEI) or were on order, but never delivered due to the war situation.

The most interesting aircraft is the Do-215B-2 that were ordered right off the Dornier production line to serve in the NEI. These planes would have had the standard Luftwaffe camouflage, but were never delivered due to Germany invading the Netherlands before the first planes would have been sent. This sheet offers several serial options from the batch as well as a what if paint scheme using Dutch colors.

Next is a DH-85 used as a hack. This one is in overall silver.

The Ryan STM is in a greenish brown over silver as operated in the NEI during 1942.

Martin model 139s were used extensively in the NEI though they were obsolete by the time the war with Japan began.

Another plane ordered but never delivered due to the invasion of the NEI was the Brewster Bermuda. All of these planes were taken over by the US. Had they been delivered, they would have been in the green/brown over silver scheme.

An aircraft used extensively by the NEI forces was the PBY-5 Catalina, shown in its delivery scheme.

A few Douglas DB-7B light bombers did make it into Dutch service with the remainder of the order and those survivors being integrated into RAAF squadrons.

Finally, and not shown, are replacement decals for the RS kit of the  Fokker D. XXIII.

Overall, the markings are superbly printed and the sheet comes with an outstanding full color markings and camouflage guide that offers both sides and an upper scheme for those having multi-color camouflage schemes. In addition, the instructions provide information on extant kits that can be used for each scheme.

If you want something that is both interesting and colorful, these markings are for you.

Thanks to www.dutchdecal.nl  for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop.

June 2010

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