Dutch Decal DD32012: ML-KNIL/RNEIAAF B-25J

Units: 16 and 18 Squadron


12.95 including shipping in Europe


Scott Van Aken

The Dutch were major users of the B-25J in the Pacific, operating the bomber from bases in Australia and the islands to the north as they were eventually cleared of Japanese. Post war, these planes kept flying during the Indonesian insurgency and even after that was over, some of the aircraft continued to be used by the new Indonesian government. However, that is for another sheet and this one concentrates on the wartime and post war use of the B-25 with both 16 and 18 Squadrons.

The majority of these planes were glass nose B-25Js from US stocks, though at least one gun nose Mitchell was procured and many of the J models were fitted with additional nose guns and fuselage gun packs. As the war progressed into post-war, most of the planes were either fully or partially stripped of their wartime camouflage, providing some rather interesting looking schemes.

This sheet from Dutch Decal is for the new 1/32 B-25J and provides markings for both units during the full time that the Dutch operated the type. Most of the markings are the older rectangular flag type and to do the very earliest marking, the white surround will need to be cut away. All of the various codes, nose work and unit badges are provided. Both styles of insignia are given and with some planning, the very last option and most any of the others can be done with this sheet.

In all it is an excellent sheet that is superbly printed. The instruction sheet is large and in full color with not only a markings guide, but a photo or two to help out. This one is sure to sell out rather quickly so get yours as soon as you can.

Thanks to www.dutchdecal.nl  for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop. This is Dutch Decal's 25th Anniversary so congratulations to Luuk and his gang for providing interesting markings for the last quarter century.

April 2012

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