Isradecal #89: F-15I Ra'am
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Scott Van Aken

Note: Sheet is 1/48 scale for Revell and Academy kits

Currently, the IAF operates a single squadron of Strike Eagles. These aircraft were specifically built for the IAF and so have differences from the US and even the Saudi versions of this aircraft. Isradecals has produced a fine sheet that covers the markings used by not only the operational squadron, but by the test unit as well.

The Ra'am has a particularly interesting camouflage scheme that has a hard edge between the upper and lower colors. Some of the planes have a very nice large eagle's head on it while others have a smaller unit badge. The eagle head painting was stopped by the base commander after about half the planes were painted as he didn't like the design. Naturally, he didn't consult with the troops first as they like it.

This set comes with enough markings and data decals to do one aircraft. Isradecals has followed the lead of Hasegawa in making many of the stencils under a single carrier. This makes it a lot faster to apply the myriad of data markings that are carried by this particular aircraft. The decals are superbly printed in the Czech Republic so you know that the quality is there. There are sufficient serials to do any IAF F-15I.

Any update bits are available from IsraCast.

August 2011

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