Isradecal #88: F-16I Sufa
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Scott Van Aken

Note: Sheet is 1/32 for the Academy kit

This particular sheet covers all four squadrons that are currently using the F-16I 'Sufa'. This aircraft has supplanted the F-16C/D as the major ground attack aircraft and equipped with cutting edge electronics and guidance systems.

With this set, the modeler can build any F-16I in the IAF inventory as it includes not only unit badges, but also a full suite of data markings. These are not only for the aircraft, but for the missiles and drop tanks as well. Also included are shoulder board markings and patches for the pilot.

The set comes with a full color markings and camouflage booklet that show precisely where everything fits. There are charts so that the modeler can match up the serial numbers with the tail numbers. Thanks to the tail designs being developed by Isradecal's Ra'anan Weiss, you know that you will be getting the most accurate decals that can be produced. The decals themselves are first rate, printed in the Czech Republic. An addendum sheet has been included as the tan for the one marking was not printed in the correct shade.

Overall, an excellent set and one that is a must for any IAF fan who works in 1/32 scale.

August 2010

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