Isradecal #79: IAF F-15A/B/C/D Baz
Units: All of them in the IAF


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Scott Van Aken

Note: This sheet is 1/48 scale

This new one is on the F-15A-D Baz in 1/48 scale. As with the previous set, it allows you to build probably any IAF F-15 that has ever flown. It includes not only earlier markings, but the later ones as well that had the Hebrew names on the nose. It appears that there are enough stencils and insignia to do one aircraft.

The instruction booklet is 8 pages of information and photographs. This includes images of most of the named planes. Rather than duplicate the large nose names, the decal sheet only does the really short ones and provides a guide to applying the others, letter by letter. I pretty good idea if you ask me. The images in the instruction booklet are quite well done and it provides a bit of history as well. For instance, I did not realize that four of the Full Scale Development (FSD) F-15As were delivered to Israel, where they were the only Eagles in service for nearly two years.

The decals themselves are superbly printed in the Czech Republic and are completely free of any registration glitches. In addition to the booklet, there is a huge fold out, printed on both sides, for application of the huge number of data markings. This monster sheet is shown with a 6 inch ruler in the middle to gauge its size. The large printing will go a long way to ensuring you get it all in the right place.

No kit is specified for these markings as they should fit those from Hasegawa, Academy, Monogram and others in 1/48 scale  without any problems. 

You now have world class decals and world class references; what more could you ask?

August 2009

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