Isradecal #69: F-21A Kfir
Units: All of them


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Scott Van Aken

Note: This sheet is 1/48 scale

The F-21A was and is one of the more unusual aircraft in the US military inventory. Seeing a need to have an aircraft that duplicates many of the characteristics of the MiG-21 and other delta winged planes, the Navy contracted with IAI to lease a number of early Kfir fighters. These were then distributed to the Navy's VF-43 at Oceana and the Marine's VMFT-401 at Yuma.

This particular sheet from Isradecal has markings enough to be able to build two of any of these aircraft. Some may recall that this aircraft was featured in an earlier sheet. That one is out of print and this one has been produced to replace it. The well printed sheets are done in the Czech Republic and appear to be quite thin and opaque.

There are enough data markings and insignia to enable the modeler to build two complete aircraft. The smaller sheet just adds a few more stencil markings and another set of Navy and Marine logos in case the builder wants to produce two Navy or two Marine aircraft. The full color 8 page instruction booklet shows the precise placement of all the markings and includes a very large stencil placement diagram.

For kits, one is pretty well limited to the old but still nice ESCI kit that has since been reissued by Italeri. Isracast makes a conversion set for use with the Mirage IIIE to bring it up to full specifications. In all, an excellent sheet and one that you should seriously consider for your next project.

December 2008.

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