Isradecal #67: F-16C/D 'Barak'
Units: All of them


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Scott Van Aken

Note: This sheet is 1/48 scale

One of the many nations to buy into the F-16 has been the Israeli Air Force. It has probably also been the recipient of more operational variants than even the USAF, who are putting their money into the upcoming F-35 instead of more F-16 versions.

After having much success with the F-16A/B, it was not a surprise that the F-16C/D was also purchased, but the IAF F-16D is more than just a two seat C model with an upgraded avionics spine and other advanced features.

This sheet from Isradecal has markings enough to be able to build almost any IAF F-16C/D that has ever served. Some may recall that this aircraft was featured in an earlier sheet. That one is out of print and this one has added in the new units and markings that have come into being over the last several years. The large and well printed sheets are done in the Czech Republic and appear to be quite thin and opaque. Included with the multiplicity of sheets is a set of gummed back masks for painting on the large eagle currently worn on the fin of Knights of the North squadron planes. There are enough data markings and insignia to enable the modeler to build two aircraft. I am not sure of the availability of an IAF version F-16D so one may need to get a conversion set. The full color 8 page instruction booklet does not mention a conversion, but I'm sure one is available. This booklet should be studied carefully to ensure that your choice of markings has all the appropriate details. For kits, the Hasegawa and Tamiya kits are recommended. As with all of IsraDecal's products, this one is highly recommended.

December 2008

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