Isradecals #62: IAF Kfirs
Units: All of them in the IAF


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Scott Van Aken

Note: This sheet is 1/72 scale for the Italeri and Hasegawa kits

After a rather long absence, Isradecals has made up for it by sending a large package of markings covering most of the last year or so. This is the first one since #57 of July 2007 and contains markings for the IAF Kfir in 1/72 scale. Isradecal sheets will generally provide enough markings to do any aircraft of that type that has flown with the IAF and this one is no exception.

In the sheet and a half that is included, you get all that you need to build three complete aircraft, as Isradecals has provided enough data markings and insignia for that many planes. Add in the data bits and insignia from the kit and the number of possible aircraft goes up even more.

Isradecals' instructions are among the best in the world with full color photos and illustrations. The full center pages of what is essentially a booklet contain a guide for placing stencils. The rest give options for the Kfir in every unit using every one of the three different camouflage schemes that were applied. Each of these schemes is presented in a full color four view. Of course, there would be some small variation between aircraft, but not by much. Basically, if you have a photo of the plane, you can model it with this sheet. The back page provides a guide to attaching the various names to the aircraft and since most of us cannot read Hebrew, this guide includes a decal number to assist us.

The printing of the decals themselves is superb and done in the Czech Republic. I could not see even a hint of registration problems.

As with all of IsraDecal's products, this one is highly recommended.

November 2008

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