IsraDecals #57: A-4 'Ahit'

Units: All of them in the IDF




Scott Van Aken

Note: For the 1/32 Hasegawa kits.

One of the first aircraft delivered to the IDF/AF at the beginning of the 'American Era', after France had embargoed deliveries of Mirages, the A-4 Skyhawk proved itself to be a most potent, small fighter bomber. Initially receiving ex-USN A-4E/Fs, the Israeli Air Force, put forth a requirement for an improved A-4H variant. This was still based on the A-4E/F variant, but had some improved systems such as the replacement of the normal 20mm wing cannons with 30mm versions. The other visual clue was a more 'square' leading edge tip to the fin. Two seat TA-4F/H/J variants were also used. Later the type was retrofitted with ugly but effective exhaust extensions to prevent missiles from blowing up the engine itself.

This particular sheet is designed for the Hasegawa 1/32 versions. Some modification will be needed to add the larger cannons, fix tip and the exhaust extensions for later versions. However, none of these additions are difficult and can be accomplished by any modeler of moderate experience.

The sheets are superbly printed and provide enough markings to do an one aircraft of the type that has operated in the IDF/AF over the years. You get multiple styles of aircraft number and rescue arrows. you also get an additional sheet for the large tail art for the TA-4J of the 'Flying Tigers' squadron as shown on the cover. Apparently there was a small color glitch with the Israeli roundel and a replacement set is provided.

The instructions are superb and somewhat unique. Instead of the usual profiles showing where the markings are to be applied, Isradecal has a booklet with photos of the aircraft. On those photos are indicated what markings go where. A most effective method of doing this as one not only has a great guide, but some historical background on each squadron is provided as well.

I'm quite pleased that this sheet has been produced as I now have an excuse to start on my big scale Skyhawk kit that I got without decals or instructions!

As with all of IsraDecal's products, this one is highly recommended.

July 2007

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