IsraDecals #56; F-16A 'Netz'

Units: All of them in the IDF




Scott Van Aken

Note: For the 1/32 Hasegawa kit.

Most of you probably know that the United States is Israel's staunchest ally. Through thick and thin, the US has propped up the state through huge quantities of financial aid as well as supplying a lot of military equipment. While Israel has become more and more self-sufficient in terms of most weapons systems, it still relies on the US for its military aircraft.

One of the first users of the F-16 outside the US was Israel. Not only were planes specially built for the IDF/AF, but many were pulled from US production lines or units in order to be sure that the Israeli Air Force would have aircraft to use when it was needed. Most of the air to air victories claimed by the F-16 have been in the hands of IAF pilots, who have amassed an enviable record.

Isradecals now has a 1/32 sheet set that covers all of the units that have flown and are now flying the F-16A. These markings are designed for the somewhat elderly Hasegawa kit, but will also fit the Academy kit if you wish to back date it. Isradecals does offer a backdate set if interested.

The sheets are superbly printed and have enough different markings and codes and data for you to do any F-16A that has been or is currently in service. Since many of the more recent markings are incorporated into the camouflage scheme, masks are provided. Some are 'peel and stick' types while one is such that you cut out a paper mask that is provided and use that. The instructions are among the best in the industry and includes not only the usual profile markings guide, but also instructions on just how to use the masks that are provided.

As with all of IsraDecal's products, this one is highly recommended.

July 2007

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