IsraDecals #52: IAF Kfir

Units: All of them.




Scott Van Aken


This new sheet from IsraDecal is for the IAF's own Kfir. This aircraft is basically a J-79 powered Mirage V and while it started out simply enough, it evolved over the years until finally retired in the 1990s.

The set allows you to build any of the Kfirs that were in IAF service from 1976 until their retirement. There are options for the early Kfirs without the canards, the C2 version with the smaller ones and the C7 with the larger canards. There are also options for the TC2 two seaters and the reconnaissance Kfir. All of the major camouflage schemes are included as well. The first was a four color scheme of FS 33531/34227/30219 over 25622. This was followed by an 'F-15' scheme of FS 36320/36375 and finally a return to the initial scheme but with 34424 replacing the 34227.

The instruction booklet contains a complete stencil placement guide as well as a chart that ties in named aircraft with their serials so you can do a specific aircraft. Complete unit markings are also included for all Kfir operators.

No specific kits are recommended as really, the only one done in 1/48 was by ESCI. IsraParts offers a conversion set to use in conjunction with the Italeri/ESCI Mirage IIIE kit, and while I've not seen it, I'm sure it is a superb product.

This is a superb set that appears to have enough common markings and insignia to do two aircraft and one that IAF fans should have.

July 2006

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