IsraDecals #50: OV-1 Mohawk

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Scott Van Aken


This latest sheet from IsraDecals is on the OV-1 Mohawk. Now Israel only had a couple of these in service, but that is enough to justify a sheet and you'll be glad they did. This sheet is 1/48 and designed for the Roden or Collect-aire kit, though the vast majority will use the Roden versions.

There are eight options on this sheet, the majority of them are US Army and cover both ends of its service life.

First is an OV-1C from the 131st SAC at Phu Bai in 1967. This and the other Vietnam era planes are in overall FS 34088 olive drab.

Next is an OV-1B from the 73rd AC/1st Cav at Vung Tau in 1969

Third, an OV-1C from B company, 1 AB/1 ID at Phu Loi in 1967. This one has a shark mouth design.

Next there is an OV-1D with the SLAR pod from the 73 CIC/2 MIB in Germany during 1988. This is in overall grey.

In the same scheme of FS 36300 is an Argentine OV-1D from the 601 RS in 1995.


Then there is a farewell scheme on a US Army OV-1D from the 504th MIB in 1993 upon the retirement of the type.

This is followed by two Israeli OV-1Ds from 1975. The first options are painted in overall Olive Drab, while the second set are later in 1981 with a camouflage scheme of FS 20095 over 36375. All of these planes carry civil registry as is the norm for unarmed IAF aircraft.

The decals are superbly printed and contain the now-required highly detailed additional decals for unit badges and artwork. These are to be cut out and placed on the white backing that is provided.

Overall, a superb sheet that should be quite popular.

June 2006

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