IsraDecals #47 F-16A/B 'Netz'

Units: Almost all of them




Scott Van Aken

Israel was one of the first non-NATO countries to receive the F-16 with the initial deliveries of new planes beginning in 1980. The first squadron, "First Jet Squadron" was operational the next year. Since then, several more squadrons have converted, using either new aircraft or ex-USAF Falcons from surplus stocks. These later aircraft operated in the USAF grey scheme until the aircraft went in for overhauls and painting.

The squadrons included in this sheet are:

The Phoenix
The Flying Dragon
The Negev
Golden Eagle
Flying Wing

The sheet is most complete and includes tail markings for all the units listed. There are also a variety of number styles of numbers.  The instruction booklet is in full color and includes a number of color photos as well. There is a full stencil suite in this double sheet, and an excellent placement guide is part of the instruction booklet. Enough data and insignia are provided to do two complete aircraft. Those other F-16 units not in this sheet were covered in a previous IsraDecal release.

Probably the kit that most 1/48 modelers will use is the Hasegawa F-16A and F-16B kits, though the two seater is notoriously difficult to find around here.

December 2005

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