IsraDecals #45 1/72 F-15I Ra'am

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Scott Van Aken


IsraDecals continues with its releases of IAF aircraft sheets with this one on the F-15I Ra'am. This is basically an F-15E built to IAF specifications and while I know next to nothing about it, I'd bet that it has additional defensive electronics not carried by USAF Strike Eagles.

The aircraft is operated by one unnamed squadron and has a three color upper surface appropriate for ground attack duties. The underside is a grey that comes about half way up the fuselage. Half this unit's planes have a large eagle on the fin, but the base commander apparently decided he didn't like it half way through the painting so only half the aircraft carry this marking.

The decals themselves are mostly stencils, as you would expect from a one-squadron type. Both the large eagle and standard small badge are provided.  Actually, the test unit has a single example and the markings for that unit are also on the sheet.

The sheet touts 'Grouped Stencils', which is many ways is a great idea as it cuts down on the time it takes to apply these things. Downside is that there is now more clear carrier to cover up with additional coats of clear paint, but for most of us, this is a small price to pay. As you'd expect, most of the instruction booklet is on stencil placement and a superb stencil guide is provided. There is also the required color application charts and the sheet provides numbers to allow any of the current F-15I fleet to be done as long as you have a reference to what plane uses what numbers.

Overall, an excellent sheet that 1/72 modelers will be thrilled to use. Isradecals is bringing out an F-15I conversion set that will make your Ra'am even more accurate than just using an F-15E kit.

December 2005

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