Isradecal #43: 1/48 F-16I Sufa

Units: Negev and Bat Squadron




Scott Van Aken

It isn't that common to see a 'short' sheet from Isradecals, but since the subject has only been in service for a short time, that does fully explain things.

The latest F-16 in IAF service is the F-16I 'Sufa' (Storm), and was purchased as a replacement for F-4E and F-16A aircraft that were in service. It also augments the F-15I quite well. Though not having the load carrying capabilities, it does equal the range of the twin engine F-15 without the extra expense of the additional engine. I'm not sure if these are bonafide block 60 F-16Fs or not, but they sure look the part.

The sheet is superbly done with the new tail marks of the Bat squadron included. All the appropriate stencils are given and there is a selection of numbers to allow you to make any of the F-16Is that are currently in service. If you are wondering just where to find a conversion set, no problem as IsraCast makes an excellent resin set for this aircraft. The only problem I've found is locating a Hasegawa F-16B/D kit!

A trademark of Isradecal sets is a superb and most comprehensive instruction sheet. This includes both profiles and photos of the actual aircraft as well as a detailed stencil placement guild.

In all, you can't find a better sheet on this important IAF aircraft.

July 2005

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