Isradecal #27: IAF Vautours

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Scott Van Aken

So, you say you have bought a Hi-Tech or Fondiere Minatures 1/48 Vautour kit and after struggling mightily to finish it, you find the decals are not to your liking. Well, you need to look no farther than the latest release from Isradecal. As has been the norm with this superb decal maker, this sheet covers all the different variants of the Vautour that have ever served in the IAF. Not only that, but since these aircraft were generally named, there is a complete listing of which aircraft number corresponds to which name.

The Vautour was flown operationally by one squadron, the Knights of the North Squadron. This sheet provides markings for the three major color schemes used by the aircraft. The first was an overall bare metal finish as when the planes were delivered in the late 1950s. This was followed by a blue (FS 35045) and brown (FS 30215) over grey (FS 36492) scheme that was used during the mid/late 1960s. In the early 1970s the was changed to a more 'modern' scheme of brown (FS 30219), green (FS 34227) and sand (FS 33531) over light blue (FS 35622).

In addition, there are data stencils for each of the three schemes; starting with French for the original scheme and two Hebrew stencils for the repaints.

Overall, these are excellent sheets and they should be in your stash!

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