Isradecal #22: 1/48 F-16A/B Nets (Hawk)

Units: All




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with Isradecal's coverage of IAF aircraft, this sheet is for the F-16A/B Nets (Hawk). As with previous sheets, it is quite comprehensive and covers all the units that have flown or are currently flying the aircraft. With the introduction of the F-16C/D Barak into service, the older F-16A/B has been 'handed down' to units that were flying even older aircraft.

Unlike the Barak, these aircraft are generally pretty close to standard USAF aircraft of the same vintage. Only major mode that I see is the inclusion of a flare/chaff dispenser on the forward lower fin of some aircraft as shown in the photos that accompany the sheet. These aircraft all are in the standard current IAF colors of FS 30219, 34424, 33531 over 36375 with a 36270 radome.

Instructions come in a very well done booklet that shows all the data and markings placement. It also includes a number of photographs; always quite helpful when doing a model. Markings cover the First Jet Squadron, Knight of the North Squadron, Phoenix Squadron, Test and Evaluation Unit, Negev Squadron, Golden Eagle Squadron, and Flying Wing Squadron. Those F-16s that have kill markings on the nose and aircraft names are annotated and markings provided. Also included are the aircraft that took part in the bombing of the Iraqi nuclear power plant in 1981 and 50th anniversary tail markings. Included with the Phoenix Squadron markings are those F-16s that were delivered direct from USAF stocks and so are in the standard USAF scheme of greys. The large ACM insignia are shown in the instruction booklet, but the insignia themselves will have to be obtained from another sheet.

The three sheets provided are superbly printed and razor sharp with no registration errors. One of the three sheets (shown on the left) is covered by a single carrier so the decals will have to be cut out individually. I believe this sheet has been done on an ALPS printer as some of the markings on it are highly detailed and I doubt if the orange on them could have been reproduced in the normal silk screening process. A large variety and selection of aircraft numbers are provided to do just about any aircraft in service. There are enough insignia and data markings provided to do two complete aircraft.

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