Isradecal #16: 1/72 F-16C/D Barak

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Scott Van Aken


This is the first time I've actually seen an Isradecal sheet and I must say that I'm quite impressed with what is offered. This is one of their somewhat older sheets from 2000 so may not be readily available. However, it is just what I need for an upcoming project.

For those of you who are as unfamiliar with Israeli aircraft as am I, this is not a standard F-16C/D. The IAF has made several modifications to the airframes to meet local needs and to do a totally accurate Barak (Lightning) some work will be needed. It is interesting to me that the Israelis rename all the aircraft they receive and not only that, but even F-16s have two (soon to be three with the delivery of the F-16I) different names depending on if they are the A/B or C/D versions!

This particular sheet covers the F-16C/D versions in both block 30 and block 40  versions. Only the F-16C Block 30 aircraft have the small intakes so you'll need to take care in this area. There are basically markings for all the squadrons current on the type in 2000 when this sheet was issued. The IAF does not make known the  number of its squadrons (there may not even be any) but each are given names. All of the aircraft on this sheet are painted in the standard IAF color scheme of  FS 33531, 34424, 30219 over FS 36375. The radome is in FS 36231. The most difficult color to find will be the FS 34424, but this is basically RAF Sky, not the darker 34227 used on earlier IAF jets. The recommended kit is the various Hasegawa versions though I'm sure you could easily use the new Revell/Monogram F-16C as well as a basis for your Barak.


The squadrons involved are, First Jet Squadron, Knight of the North, First Fighter Squadron, Valley Squadron and Test and Evaluation Unit for the Block 30 aircraft, and First Fighter Squadron, Scorpion Squadron, and  Test and Evaluation Unit for the Block 40 aircraft. Included in the sheet are some special anniversary markings as well as the very large IAF roundels used for ACM. In addition, stencils are given in both English and Hebrew for those planes that have been repainted since delivery.

Instructions are in full color and provide a plethora of information on the aircraft so it is a good idea to give it a good read. Decals themselves are very well printed and provide full stencils for at least two and perhaps three aircraft, depending on which ones are chosen.

Overall a very impressive sheet and if you truly want to do a proper IAF Barak, then you should seek this sheet.

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