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Scott Van Aken  IPMS C

IPMS Canada has once again come out with a really super decal sheet. Not only that, but it includes some resin goodies!

The sheet is for 442 Sq Mustang IVs during the last month of the war. These guys operated out of the UK and were involved in the liberation of the Channel Islands on the day after the war (that is 9 May 1945). This was probably the last combat operation of the war in Europe. This sheet includes four aircraft that were involved in that operation and is typical of the squadron's markings in May of 1945.

As for kits and mods. Well, the recommended kit is the Tamiya Mustang, though these markings should fit the Hasegawa one as well. The little resin bits are the louvered cooling slots that were on all Commonwealth Mustang IVs. These need to be thinned as much as you dare then glued over the kit part. There are more involved directions included in the sheet. Also included are how to cut down the spare props in the Tamiya F-51D kit (the one preferred) to make the Aeroproducts prop used by most of the schemes on the sheet. Templates are given that you can simply glue to the prop and start sanding if you wish.

So on the sheet you have four aircraft.

First is Y2*A in overall natural metal with a yellow prop, anti-glare panel and canopy frame. It carries the 'overseas' roundel on the upper fin. This was the Squadron Leader's plane.

Next is Y2*B in the European colors o f Dark Grean and Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey with the same yellow bits at the squadron leader's plane. It also has the yellow ID stripes on the leading edge of the wing (as do all the subjects) and a Sky fuselage band as is the norm for camouflaged planes.

Third is the Wing Commander's plane in natural metal with a blue anti-glare panel and canopy frame, though the blue colors are a bit different in places. This and the previous three planes all have the later Dallas canopy and the Aeroproducts prop.

The odd one out is Y2*C which is camouflaged. It had a North American canopy (which is a bit taller and not a 'flat', and the usual cuffed Hamilton Standard prop. This is a normal US P-51D so does not have the louvers.

Any one of these schemes would be different from the norm and will allow for a most interesting model when finished, especially if you did one of the first three with the prop mod and louvers.

Now, how do you get this sheet? Well, you have to get it from IPMS Canada. If you are a member, then it is $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping. If you aren't, it is $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping. If you join IPMS Canada, you can also order the sheet and also pay only the $15.00 rate. BTW, all prices are in Canadian Dollars, but any US folks feel free to send dead presidents (US Bucks) as it goes to a good cause. If you want one, I suggest getting it soon as these special sheets tend to sell out rather quickly.

To order, send your loot to: IPMS Canada, Box 626, Station B, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1P 5P7.

Review sheet courtesy IPMS Canada. Become a member. Now.

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