IPMS 1984 Nationals decal sheet

For: L 749 Constellation


$Who knows, it came with the entry fee


Scott Van Aken

I don't know if other IPMS National events offer a decal sheet as part of their entrant's package, but IPMS USA does and I've various sheets going back to the early 1980's. Like the decals of the major players, some are good and some are not as I can attest from the errors on several sheets offered since the turn of the century.

This particular sheet is from the 1984 event and provides markings for an Eastern Airlines L749 Constellation. The only company that does one in injected plastic is Heller and while it is still a fine model, it can use some additional work. The sheet itself is fairly well done by Scalemaster and probably printed by Microscale. For some reason, Scalemaster decals have generally had some problem with registration as none of the ProModeler kits I have built over the years had Scalemaster sheets that were useable because of this. This particular sheet is no exception, though not bad enough to make the sheet unusable. It seems in the case of my sheet that the alignment of the blue is the problem as the gaps with white before the red outer lines are different when comparing the upper and lower parts of the markings. The sheet does offer a pair of registration options with aircraft N113A on the sheet and N118A on a small addendum. The sheet offers black cabin window markings but does not provide one for the cockpit.

If you are into airliners and can find one, might want to give it a go. With a 20+ year old sheet one does wonder if it is still viable.

June 2007

Thanks to me for the review sheet

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