IPMS 2006 Convention Decals

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Part of the $35.00 entrants package


Scott Van Aken

This sheet was part of the 2006 convention package. It contains three different aircraft and not surprisingly, they are based close to Kansas City where the event was held, at nearby at Whiteman AFB.

There are two aircraft types on the sheet and surprisingly, no scale or kit recommendations are provided on this Two-Bobs developed sheet.

However, since there is no 1/48 B-2, we can assume this is for the Testors kit. There are markings for two B-2s, one being the Spirit of Kansas and the other the Spirit of Missouri. A full set of wing walk markings is provided for the B-2 though not shown.

The other is an A-10A of the 303 FS that was based at Richards-Gebaur before that base was closed in an early spate of base closings following the Gulf War. This set of markings appears to be 1/48 scale so should work well on either the Monogram or the more up-to-date Hobby Boss kit.

Often these sheets are over-produced so you may be able to pick one up from the IPMS/USA sales section of their website.

August 2007

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