IPMS 2003 Convention Decals

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Part of the $35.00 entrants package


Scott Van Aken


This sheet was part of the 2003 convention package. It contains four different aircraft, though two are nearly identical. Recommended kits are Minicraft for the P-38J and Tamiya for the Mustang and Spitfire. These are all Okie pilots.

The P-51D is from the 307th FS/31st FG and flown by Sam Brown. Red spinner and wing tips.

The P-38s were flown by Thomas E. Maloney of the 27th FS/1st FG. Red spinners and fuselage bands. The red spinners were a theater ID marking for the Med.

Finally, a Spit Vb from 185 Sq as flown by Claude Weaver. It is in Light Mediterranean Blue and Dark Earth.

All in all, four aircraft that one doesn't see modeled very often at all.

August 2007

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