IPMS 2002 Convention Sheet

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Scott Van Aken

Every year, the IPMS USA Convention package includes a decal sheet as part of the entrant's package. This is the one from Virginia Beach in 2002, and it was produced by Cutting Edge.

The first option is in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale and is for the P-51D of Everett Stewart, CO of the 4th FG in the spring of 1945. It has a red nose and a blue anti-glare panel, canopy surround and rudder. The sheet includes a supplement for the correct style of 'S' in the codes. The Tamiya kits are recommended.

Next is the first of three Skywarriors. The sheet states that modification sets are available, but they have been long gone by this time. All are for the Hasegawa 1/72 kit.

First is an ERA-3B from VAQ-33 in 1980. This highly modified Skywarrior is in the light gull grey over white scheme and both colors are gloss.

Next is an A3D-1Q from VQ-2 early in the Skywarriors career as it is in gloss sea blue.

In the same colors is a standard A3D-1 from VAH-1 in 1956, just before the change-over in camouflage schemes.

While the sheet is not impossible to find, locating one will be difficult so expect to spend some quality time searching.

July 2007

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