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IPMS US Nationals Sheet for 2001


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Scott Van Aken


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Every year at the US IPMS Nationals, there is a decal sheet. Now the last one that I saw was the one at San Diego in 1988 for the B-24, so I cannot comment on those passed out in the last 12 years! However, this one was really quite impressive and one that should find some rather widespread use (unless you are a decal sheet collector).


There are three subjects on this sheet, two of them that tie in with the Chicago area. I think that which is which is fairly obvious. It should be mentioned that the one for the Corsair has been darkened to show the white bits. All three sheets are 1/48 with the Corsair also having room for a 1/72 section. Sorry small scale guys, but that is the way it is. I too would have liked to have seen them in both scales, but am thrilled with what is there.

The F4U-5 sheet is for the Glenview Naval Reserve unit. These guys also flew Bearcats and later Panthers amongst their inventory. The sheet is designed for the Hasegawa and the Italeri kits respectively. 

Next is the F-104N sheet. I must confess to not being aware of this particular paint scheme, having thought that they were always white with blue markings. The 104N is more like an F-104G and the suggested kit is the new Hasegawa one. There were three 104Ns built for NASA and all three serials (both old and new range) are provided.

Finally, a set of markings for the new Revell 1/48 F-86D. These are for the 42nd FIS that was based at O'Hare for a short period of time in the late 50's. The aircraft depicted is the squadron commander's bird. Perhaps it is just me, but the 'wings' of the insignia seem a bit too long on this sheet. A simple enough fix as all you have to do is replace them with those from the kit. The kit decals themselves are awesome as Revell-Monogram have finally gotten decals right after all these years!

The instruction book is superb and includes not only photos of the plane in question, but also recommended aftermarket stuff for each kit.

Needless to say, this decal sheet courtesy of your editor's free spending!

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