Impact Decals 48-004, VMF/VMA-225 Part 1


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Scott Van Aken

Note: 1/48 Scale

Impact Decals has released their fourth sheet and it is their best one so far in terms of the number of aircraft and how many can be done from the sheet. This one has five planes from WWII until post Korea. There are five aircraft on the sheets and you can build every one of them with what is provided. Two sheets are provided. One is a full 8 1/2 x 11 with a smaller half sheet. The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf so you know the quality is world class. So let's take a look at what is there.

First up is a F4U-1 in the tri-color scheme from Vella Lavella in 1943. Both the red surround and the marking with the surround removed are provided. This will require a bit of careful masking to use the later markings as it appears from the profile that the red was overpainted in the intermediate blue shade so will be fresher than the rest of the airframe. Tamiya kit for this one.

Next is an F4U-4 based aboard the USS Siboney in 1947. Overall gloss sea blue for this one with what seems to be silver gear and wheels. A white spinner with a red barberpole stripe. Hasegawa has the kit for you on this version.

An AU-1 based at NAAS Edenton in 1952 is next. The Hasegawa F4U-5 kit with a modified cowling and the 20mm cannon mod will get you this aircraft. Green fin tip with a white stripe.

From the same base in 1955 is an AD-4B. White wing and fin tips with green stars adds the color to this one.

Finally, in the 1957 scheme of light gull grey over white is this AD-6. It has the same wing tip/fin markings, though you'll notice that the unit codes have changed. For both of the Skyraiders, most will choose the Tamiya kit, though the Monogram version is still a good option.

In addition to the profiles, the instruction sheet provides some additional markings information, including upper and lower wing placement guides for all five options. A great sheet that is sure to find a lot of use amongst USMC aviation fans. Get yours today while the getting is good.

February 2009

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