Impact Decals 48-002: VMCJ/VMAQ-2 'Playboys'

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Impact Decals has released their second sheet and it is a real beauty. A full 8X10 sheet of markings for five aircraft from the "Playboys" of VMCJ-2, later VMAQ-2. Of course, the unit has undoubtedly succumbed to political correctness and changed the markings if not the name of the unit so it would not appear to be sexist.  However, this sheet is not politically correct (PC) and provides markings for the times past.

A trademark of the unit, aside from the Playboy bunny, was the black tail and canopy surround. Four of the five options have this.

The sheet is basically a history of the unit's planes and markings from 1975-1993.

First is an RF-4B from VMCJ-2 in 1975. These Phantoms were soon consolidated into VMCJ-3 at El Toro. The sheet is good enough to provide the wing and fuselage walk areas. Note that there are no 'slime lights' on this aircraft.

Also with VMCJ-2 was the EA-6A from the 1975 time frame. These two types operated side by side.

Then came the EA-6B and that is covered with three different markings options.

First is a standard ICAP 1 plane from 1982 in light gull grey over white with a tan radome.

With the addition of the Tactical Paint Sheme (TPS) the white rudder went away and the markings were somewhat toned down as shown in the 1992 ICAP 2 plane.

The final option was an attempt and complying with PC with bunny hiding in a hat. Gone from this 1992 ICAP 2 aircraft was the signature black tail and canopy surround.

The decals are superbly printed and you are given all the bits you need to do all five aircraft. Instructions are equally well printed and in full color.  Hasegawa for the Phantom and Revell/Monogram for the EA-6s.

November 2007

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