Impact Decals 48-001: USMC Intruders

Units: VMA-224 'Bengals'


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Scott Van Aken



Here we have another start-up decal company. These folks are Impact Decals from Indiana and they picked a super subject with thieir initial offering. The sheet provides markings for three aircraft from VMA-224 'Bengals', during several periods of their existence with the A-6 Intruder.

First up is an A-6A as operated from the USS Coral Sea in 1971 for operations over Vietnam. This is in the standard light gull grey over white scheme.

Next is an early, non-TRAM A-6E when based at Cherry Point in 1976. It has a 'True Blue' rudder and fin.

Finally from 1992 after Desert Storm, is this TRAM equipped A-6E, that has been reworked from an early A-6A, hence the perforated speed brakes. It is in the Tactical Paint Scheme and I've found an image of it which is shown below.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Microscale and provides full insignia and common markings for all three aircraft. Two of the insignia options are on separate sheets, a great idea that allows a similar format to be used for later sheets.

The recommended kit is the one by Revell that is not currently in production, but is also not that difficult to find and will probably be re-issued in the near future. For a A model you could use the Fujimi kit, but it is even older than the Revell A-6E and the markings are not scaled for it.

July 2007

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