Iliad Designs 72017: Stars in the Sky 3

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Scott Van Aken

A neat subject for a decal sheet, this is the third one from Iliad Design. Over the years, those who have become famous or near-famous in movies and television have flown military aircraft. This includes WWII, Korea, and even those who flew with the National Guard. On this sheet, we have four of these folks.

First up is a Lancaster II flown by Canadian actor Robert Clothier. This aircraft was with 408 squadron and gives you a nice option for the recent Airfix kit.

Next is an AU-1 flown by Yankees infielder Jerry Coleman who played in six World Series. His Korean War plane was with VMA-323.

The 196 TFS F-4C was flown by Dean Paul Martin who lost his life in this plane in 1987.

Finally, Tim Holt, who gained cinematic fame playing opposite Humphrey Bogart in 'Treasure of the Sierra Madre' flew this B-29 with the 82 BS/39BG during WWII.

The sheet is superbly printed and comes with full color markings placement that shows both side and upper views of the subjects. There are also photos of these men taken during their time in the military, something that adds interest to the subjects.

March 2017


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