Iliad Designs 48031: Beechcraft 17

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Scott Van Aken

Iliad Designs is one of those decal makers that produces some super neat decal sheets, often subjects you do not see from others. This particular sheet is for the Roden 1/48 Beechcraft 17 'Staggerwing' and provides six interesting schemes.

First is an aircraft that was operated by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands government in exile. This plane was camouflaged in a three color scheme of dark green/dark earth over yellow with RAF markings.

Next is a USAAF UC-43 from an unknown unit with an all white tail section.

Another UC-43 is one based at Wright Field in 1944. Though in standard camo, the edges of the wings and tailplanes had been painted in Medium Green 42.

Operated by the Antarctic Service  Expedition in 1940 is an overall 'Stearman Vermillion' aircraft with a black forward cowling.

In all white is a D17R operated by the Nationalist Chinese government as an air ambulance in 1937.

Finally, another Nationalist Chinese plane in camouflage with military markings and a red cross symbol on the fuselage sides.

The sheet is superbly printed and comes with full color markings placement that shows both side and upper views of the subjects. If you have this kit and want to do something a bit different, you should pick this one up.

March 2017


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