Iliad Designs 48028: Spitfires over India

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first Iliad Designs decal sheet that I have had the pleasure to see, and it covers a very popular aircraft, the Spitfire. All of the options on this sheet were based in India, either during the war or post-war.

The first option is an LF.VIII that is painted in the typical scheme for this theater of operations, dark green and dark earth over medium sea grey. The aircrft also has white wing bands and bands on the fin and horizontal stabilizers. Again, this is part of the SEAC scheme as are the small roundels. This particular aircraft was with 607 Squadron  in mid 1944 and has a white spinner.

Next is a rather colorful LF.VIII as flown by WgCdr Frank Carley with the AFTU, a training unit. It has dark green uppers and light blue underside with a white spinner. As it is not a combat plane, there are no ID stripes. The red flash on the side was to make the plane more visible to students.

The third option is an LF.VIIIc of #3 (Indian) Group Communications Flight in 1946. It is in unpainted aluminum with a slipper tank. This plane was destroyed on site (as were most RAF aircraft) when the British left India.

In standard SEAC scheme is an RIAF Spitfire FR XIVe of the SFTS, a training squadron.

for the fifth option, another SEAC scheme on a plane from 8 Sq RIAF in 1947. This one has Indian insignia and sports a yellow spinner.

Finally, wearing the short-lived 'chakra' insignia is a F.18 with the AFS. This plane has a black spinner and is painted in dark green/ocean grey over medium sea grey. 

The decals themselves are superbly printed and spot on in registration. There are enough roundels to do five of the six options. The instructions are in full color and provide upper surface camo information as well. No kits are recommended, but I think there are mainstream kits available for all of them. Note that the Mk. VIIIs all have fixed tail wheels.

Thanks to for the review sheet. You can get yours direct from the link.

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