Iliad Designs 48038: ANG Mustangs pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

After WWII, the US military had a glut of war-making equipment. Some that was no longer needed was dumped. Others were sent to holding bases awaiting destruction; some equipment going straight from the factory to these holding bases. Yet some other equipment was provided to allies.

The P-51 was one aircraft that was not scrapped right away, and was the major equipment for the revived Air National Guard. This particular sheet continues Illiad Design's series on ANG Mustangs. All of these planes are in unpainted metal with either black or olive drab anti-glare panels. These were all active in the late 1940s, and thanks to this, there were sufficient airframes available for use in Korea when the war broke out. Another feature of these planes is that the first three options had uncuffed Hamilton Standard props so it is best that you begin with an F-51D kit which generally includes this prop.

First is the most colorful of the sheet, with the 187 FS, Wyoming ANG. This plane has a yellow prop.

Next is with the 194th FS, California ANG.

The third option, with the red prop is with the 197 FS, Arizona ANG.

The final option is the only one with the cuffed prop. This one is with the Ohio ANG.

The sheet is superbly printed and provide sufficient insignia for three of the options. Stencils need to come from the donor kit.

August 2021

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