Iliad Designs 48037: F-106B Delta Dart

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Scott Van Aken

The F-106 was probably the first US interceptor that used an integrated fire control system, the MA-1. This system was designed by Hughes and was initially a real disappointment in not only being able to perform the task assigned, but in overall reliability. It was a nightmare to maintain. Initially, the engine had to be running to power up the system, not exactly the best way to do maintenance. It seemed that whenever the ground power unit was attached and the system run up, the airplane would catch fire. Eventually both Hughes and the Air Force were able to work out the bugs, but it took years before the system was even reasonably reliable.

The F-106B had all the equipment of the single seat version, but with an additional cockpit and less fuel. These planes were not only used as proficiency trainers, but also as alert birds. Their high straight line speed also made them ideal for chase aircraft with various projects, including the then-new B-1B program. Eventually, the survivors were turned into target drones and expended.

This nice sheet from Iliad Designs covers the F-106B. In 1/48 scale, that means the Trumpeter kit or a converted Monogram version. There are five options, all of them in overall ADC Grey with black radomes and anti-glare panels. With two of the potions, there are areas of the fin that will need to be painted prior to decal application.

First is a 27 FIS plane from 1969. This option has an addendum sheet as the initial tail markings had a glitch.

Next is one of the chase planes for the B-1 program.

Next, another B-1 chase plane with insignia red areas on the fine and wing tips. Note that the rudder and elevons are not painted red.

The fourth option is from the 539th FIS in 1961.

Finally, a 194 FIS, California ANG aircraft in its 1968 markings.

The decals are superbly printed and offer the unique markings. Common markings will need to come from the kit decals.

August 2021

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