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Scott Van Aken

After WWII, there was a mass reduction in forces, and this included a lot of pilots and aircrew that were now out of a job. Some wanted to keep their skills and earn a bit of money at the same time, so chose to enter the Air National Guard. Fortunately the new USAF had a lot of spare aircraft, including a lot of new build Mustangs with very few airframe hours on them. As there was budged money for the Air National Guard, these units quickly took advantage of the situation. Good thing as many of these planes were soon needed in Korea.

This sheet covers some USAF ANG units that flew the Mustang before and after the Korean War.

There are four overall unpainted metal aircraft on this sheet. Most have the later Dallas canopy.

First is from the 125th FS, Oklahoma ANG from 1947 The only color is a red tail band.

Next is a very colorful plane from the Minnesota ANG in 1953. This one has a lot of yellow and blue in the scheme.

The third is a 111 FIS, Texas ANG plane with a standard canopy . This aircraft has the dual fuselage antenna and a red spinner.

Finally, from the 116 FS, Washington ANG during 1948 is this Mustang whose only color is a blue spinner.

None of the markings are kit specific so you can use any of the myriad Mustang kits on the market as long as they have the canopy you need for the scheme you want to do. The decals themselves are superbly printed and experience shows them to be very opaque. Well worth picking up.

January 2020

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