Iliad Designs 48003: Pre-war Spitfires

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Scott Van Aken

This is a reprint of an earlier sheet which sold very well. There have been so many requests for it that Iliad Designs decided to reissue it. In addition, they added another option that was not available on the initial offering. So we have a total of six options on this sheet.

All of these planes are in the dark green/dark earth scheme with most having the black/white or black/aluminum underside recognition markings. Iliad also provides in the instructions, any variations on this scheme and variations there were. Both the A and B upper surface  and right side pattern are provided (the left side patterns are on the main part of the sheet). You also get all the insignia you need so you have no excuse not to build all six options!

First up is a 19 Squadron plane at Duxford in 1938. This has the large roundels with yellow surrounds and aluminum undersurface. Two blade prop with this one.

Next is one from 54 Squadron in mid 1939. It also has a two blade proop.

From 609 squadron just before the war is the third option. This has a three blade deHavilland prop. It also has an unusually small fuselage roundel.

Another two blade prop aircraft is another 19 Squadron plane, this one from May 1939.

Fifth is a 14 Squadron plane from Hornchurch in May 1938. this is one of the first planes with the black undersides so the 'other' side is still aluminum.

Finally a 41 squadron plane from 1939. Unlike the others, this has the newer bulged canopy so has an unpainted frame. Note that all these options have the earlier radio mast.

Decals are superbly printed and while there is no recommended kit, there are a considerable number of good Spitfire I kits on the market that should suffice. Considering how quickly the initial release sold out, you may want to grab this one when you can.

May 2017

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