HaHen 72054: Do-28




All German units


Scott Van Aken


2008 sheet


I  have a Matchbox Dornier Do-28 that has been built and primed for a rather long time, but has remained unfinished due to a lack of decals. The kit markings have gone south years ago and to be honest, the kit hasn't been a very high priority, as much due to the rather dodgy fit and need to use a lot of filler.

However, a few weeks ago, I figured I'd give it another go. I took care of the last of the issues and reprimered it. Then it was a search for aftermarket markings. To say there are not many, would be a bit of an understatement. A search turned up a set made by HaHen of Germany. They are rather pricey as sheets go, but quite comprehensive, having markings for over 20 different aircraft with a wide variety of camouflage schemes. Choosing which one to use is probably the most difficult part of things. Unless doing one of the overall white planes, a lot of masking will be needed.

The decals are quite nicely printed and are under a solid clear coat. There is no indication as to how these are printed but an addendum slip is included to give some 'care and feeding' information on the decals. The three sheets of instructions show all the available options and also upper and lower camouflage schemes. it includes one set of nose anti-glare panels, though this is probably just as easy to paint.

Overall, a very nice sheet for those wanting to tackle the Matchbox or Revell kit.

April 2017

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