HobbyDecal STxx11

For: A6M Zero


See Review or HobbyDecal


Scott Van Aken

The latest of HobbyDecal's superb dry transfer stencil sheets are a whole series for the A6M Zero. There are markings for all versions and the excellent placement instructions provide exact locations for the various bits. There are not only the usual warning/data stencils, but also some for wing walks, gear door and cowl numbers in three colors and a number of other useful items.

For prices, the 1/24 sheet is $15.98, the 1/32 sheet is $10.98, the 1/48 sheet is $9.48, and the 1/72 sheet is $6.98. If you have your screen resolution set at the recommended size, then what you see here is bit less than half  the size of the actual sheet.

For more information on the pros and cons of dry transfers, please visit this review. I should mention that overall, dry transfer decals will provide a superior result as there is no need to clear coat the model and they are quite thin.

Thanks to HobbyDecal for the review samples

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