HobbyDecal F-16 Falcon Pitot Tube/AOA Set

For: F-16 Falcon. See review for specifics
Set 48/72 005M1


$5.00 each set from  HobbyDecal


Scott Van Aken

If you recall, the previous set of these in 1/48 and 1/72 was kit specific. This set covers the rest. The 1/48 set is for the Tamiya kit and the 1/72 set will fit the Academy and Revell/Monogram versions.

These are extremely well done and in some cases (as this one) include the very small Angle of Attack probes you often see sticking out of the side of the nose. Each set is packaged in very thick bags to keep the sharp probes from punching through. There are installation instructions that include the size of the hole one needs to mount the probe.

They are sure to enhance your next Falcon build.

August 2009

Thanks to HobbyDecal for the review samples

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