Gunsight Graphics 1/48 Fokker Streaked Camouflage


$8.75 MSRP


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Scott Van Aken


For any 1/48 Fokker using this camo 

Those of us who have tried to paint the streaked camouflage used by the Fokker Dr.I and some other similar aircraft will appreciate this decal sheet. It is a bit surprising that this hasn't be done before, but now we have one and it is about time.

Gunsight Graphics has chosen this for their first sheet, and it is a full size sheet with enough of the camo to do what looks to be at least one aircraft with a lot of additional for the usual mistakes. One simply cuts out what is needed, places it on the model and trims the excess. On some kits, the kit decal sheet can be used as a template.

PLEASE NOTE: The actual sheet is more of a greenish-brown than how it scanned.

A 1/72 sheet is due as well and will be reviewed when it is received. Gunsight Graphics is quiescent for the moment but may well be producing more later.

Update: Gunsight Graphics sent me this photo of a test sheet used on a model:

Thanks to Gunsight Graphics for the review sample.

March 2009

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