Mike Grant Decals 72-101: Postwar Ponies

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Scott Van Aken

Mike Grant does not release new decals all that frequently, but when he does, they are well worth the wait. This new sheet is a prime example. It covers post-war P-51 Mustangs. There are four aircraft on this 1/72 sheet and all of them are interesting.

I'll go by the sheet cover in describing the markings. First up is a Hatian Air Force plane from around 1963 in what I'm assuming is the newest insignia. The aircraft itself is painted overall ADC Grey with red on the spinner, fin tip, and the tips of the wings and tail planes. It also has black wing walk areas and a thin black anti-glare panel on the nose. The area around the exhaust is unpainted. The aircraft is shown with late F-86 drop tanks. It also has an ARN-6 antenna on the upper spine.

Next is the first of two 113 FS, Indiana ANG aircraft. This aircraft, like the ones remaining, is in unpainted metal with red trim like on the Haitian aircraft. It carries two side by side antennas on the upper spine and rocket stub rails under the wings. This plane has a cuffed Hamiton Standard prop.

The third option is a Chinese plane from the 4th FG as flow by its commanding officer. This one has a white spinner with broad yellow band and red stripes on the fuselage and the wings.

Finally, the second 113 FS, Indiana ANG plane, this time with the spinner in insignia blue, but still with red wing and stab tips. It carries a standard radio mast and also has rocket stub pylons. This time, the prop is an uncuffed Hamilton Standard. The sheet contains a bonus set of serials for a TF-51 in the black trim if you feel like doing a conversion.

The decals are recommended for the new tool Airfix F-51D.

August 2014

Review copy courtesy of Mike Grant Decals.  You can get this sheet at this link.

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