Mike Grant Decals 1/48 B-58 #1

Units: 43rd BW and 305 BW




Scott Van Aken

It is no secret that there really needed to be a set of aftermarket decals for Monogram's big Hustler. Monogram decals were generally, shall we say, less than optimal for most builders. However, that was just about all that was available.

Fortunately for us all, Mike Grant has seen the need and provided us with two new sheets on the Hustler. This is the first one and covers both bomb wings that flew the plane.  Other than the widely acknowledged, but never photographed SEA painted Hustler, the B-58 served mostly in overall metal with a black anti-glare panel. If you fear natural metal finishes, this one will bring terror to your heart!

The first aircraft on this sheet is a 305 BW Hustler from Bunker Hill (now Grissom) AFB in Indiana. Aside from the SAC badges, this one has a large 'flying 2' on the tail surface (which I always thought meant 2 BW, but I guess I'm mistaken).

The other is 'The Pulaski Hustler' from the 43rd BW at Little Rock AFB . The 43rd went on to fly B-52Gs for a period of time before being disbanded, if memory serves.

On the sheet you will find all of the unique markings for each of the aircraft. The sheets are not the usual ALPS printed jobbers that Mike has been doing, but 'normal' decals. They are crisply printed and my examples were in perfect register.

If you have been waiting for good decals to use on your big Hustler, now you have no excuse to not start building it!!

Review copy courtesy of Mike Grant Decals. Thanks for your support.

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