Mike Grant Decals 48048: P-47 Thunderbolts

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Scott Van Aken

Believe it or not, it has been a year and a half since the last sheet from Mike Grant Decals and I'm very pleased to see things back and running.

This sheet has markings for five Thunderbolts of various vintages and is really a sheet and a bit.

#1 is a F-47N from the All Weather Flying center at Clinton County AFB in Ohio during 1948. This is a clean airframe in more ways than one as it was devoid of pylons and rocket stubs. No guns, either. The builder needs to paint the red bits, with the yellow provided as decals.

Next is 'Bonnie' from the the 460 FS/348 FG in 1945 in the Philippines. Large black bands on the wings and fuselage for this variant. Note that the individual aircraft number and tail stripes do not have any white in them.

Third is a movie star from the film "Berlin Airlift" in 1950. Painted with red stars and some fake canopy framing to be a Russian 'Yak'.

#4 is "Fiery Ginger" the aircraft of Neel Kearby who was killed in this plane in March of 1944. This D-4 variant has no bulged keel nor wing pylons.

The last is 'Miss Mutt II/Pride of Lodi', Robert Rowland's plane from late 1943 in New Guinea. Like Kearby's plane, it has a white fin/rudder and white wing leading edge. This one also has white on the lower tailplanes and lower rear fuselage.

Decals are superbly printed and come with insignia for all but 'Bonnie'. You can get those from the kit. As a note, Pacific Thunderbolts did not have the additional large underwing star common in Europe. The sheet is designed for the Tamiya kit, but for those early D-4 variants without the bulged keel, you'll be looking for the Hasegawa kit.

Mike Grant Decals can be purchased via his web site at the link below. Shipping is free in North America.

January 2008

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