Mike Grant Decals 48-044 P-51 Mustangs pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

This very nice sheet is also a waterslide sheet and covers three P-51 Mustangs. One is quite well known to most of us and the other two are somewhat less so, but interesting markings nonetheless. No Recommended kit is suggested and there are a number of very nice P-51s in 1/48 available to builders. More recent moldings are by Tamiya and Hasegawa, while Monogram, Arii and others can provide older models that you may have in your stash already.

First up is Jim Howard's 'Ding Hao' P-51B, You can do either the early or later version of this aircraft and the white ID markings will have to be painted on by the modeler. However, their size and location are clearly shown on the diagram so it shouldn't be a problem. It is in OD over Neutral Grey.

Next is a nice Chinese P-51D from the 4th FG CO, Hsu Chi-Hiang. This one has the markings on the fin representing the colors of the group's three squadrons. The nose name means 'Sky Horse' and I'm sure this plane was kept in very clean conditions.

The final one is an F-6D 'Lil Margaret of Clyde East when with the 15th TRS/10th TRG. It is in unpainted metal with very dark blue and white checkers on the fin and nose. The spinner is very dark blue.  It carried ID bands on the wings (and possibly the tailplanes as well). An alternate serial number is provided to allow you to do a warbird version of this plane.

There are enough data markings for one aircraft and enough insignia to do one US and the Chinese version. You can rob the markings from the kit decals to do additional aircraft on this sheet. An excellent stencil guide is also provided.

October 2005

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